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3 key benefits when using a PKM system

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A personal knowledge management system (PKM) is a tool that helps you organize and keep track of your personal knowledge. This can include things like your thoughts, ideas, and notes. It can also include websites, articles, and other digital resources that you find useful.

There are many different personal knowledge management systems available. Some are simple and only allow you to take notes, while others are more complex and allow you to organize your knowledge in different ways.

The important thing is to find a system that works for you and that you will actually use. Otherwise, it will just be another thing taking up space on your computer or phone.

Here are 3 key benefits when using a PKM system:

Keep track of the vast amount of information you come across on a daily basis

It allows you to effectively organize and access the vast amount of information you come across during the day. By using tools like note-taking and information categorization, a PKM system can help you to quickly find and retrieve important information when you need it.

Find the connections between different pieces of information

It can help you to find the connections between things. Understanding these relations allow you to make more informed decisions, solve problems more effectively, and make better use of this knowledge.

A PKM system allows you to organize your information in a way that makes it easy to see these connections, for example by tagging, categorizing, and linking related pieces of information together. Also, a PKM system can help you to identify gaps in your knowledge, so you can fill those gaps.

Remember important information and ideas, and retrieve them when you need them

It helps you to remember important information, ideas, and retrieve them when you need them. It can be hard to keep track of everything and remember what is important. A PKM system provides a way to organize your knowledge in a way that makes it easy to find. It can also help you to identify what is important regarding your needs. Additionally, a PKM system can help you remember information over a longer period of time by providing a way to review and refresh your knowledge.


I’m convinced that a PKM system is a valuable investment.

Once you start building it, you will experiment different methods and workflows, and at some point define the system that will fit your needs.

Look how other people do, you can find a ton of information about that on the Internet and practice things that resonate with you, but try to always keep a global objective.

Don’t expect it to be perfect at the first try, but build it step by step.

This should be a great and productive journey!

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