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How to supercharge your writing process with AI and chatGPT

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Chat GPT is still in beta at the moment I write these lines but it’s already present every day in articles, podcasts, youtube, and other media.

As you can imagine, for a content producer, it can be seen as the greatest enemy, or as the Holy Grail! I saw a lot of comments saying that Chat GPT can write great articles talking about any subject, but no, in fact, it can’t.

To be honest, of course, I tried to use chat GPT for content creation, and it didn’t work so well. The structure of the generated article was good, and the writing was really impressive, but there were some senses or details that didn’t match. Also in the article, you could see writing patterns that were not « natural ».

So, what to expect about AI?

Or maybe, let’s discuss what to not expect.

AI will not create new content from scratch.

It uses complex algorithms based on statistics and mathematics to select parts of its knowledge and rephrase it to answer the request. I could compare that to the use of a huge Zettelkasten to produce content based on a massive indexed and linked pool of content.

That means that it will reuse part of the knowledge to create a new article made of existing things, but it will not add any personal reflection.

AI will not write a complete complex code for an application

Also, ChatGPT will not code a complete app from scratch.

It will answer a request for a simple app, for example, a to-do app written in react.

But when I asked to write a complete calendar app in swift for an iPhone, ChatGPT answers that it was out of its scope. But as you can see below, it tries to help by giving tips and a guideline to produce this app.

Unfortunately, writing the complete code for a full-fledged calendar app for an iPhone would be a massive undertaking and goes beyond the scope of a single answer. However, I can provide you with a basic outline and some key components that could get you started on creating your own calendar app:

Here’s some sample code for getting started with the UI and data model:

import UIKit
import EventKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {

    let eventStore = EKEventEditViewController()

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Set up the UI

    func setupCalendarView() {
        // Create a UICollectionView to display the calendar
        let layout = UICollectionViewFlowLayout()
        let calendarView = UICollectionView(frame: view.frame, collectionViewLayout: layout)
        calendarView.backgroundColor = .white

        // Register a custom UICollectionViewCell class for the calendar cells
        calendarView.register(CalendarCell.self, forCellWithReuseIdentifier: "calendarCell")

    // Custom UICollectionViewCell class for the calendar cells
    class CalendarCell: UICollectionViewCell {
        // Add properties for the date label and event indicator

This is just a starting point, and there’s much more to consider when creating a complete calendar app, such as error handling, user interface design, and accessibility. You’ll also need to consider performance and scalability as your app grows.

So no, AI will not (today) replace human creation.

What help can provide AI in the writing process

So, what to expect from AI in content creation like writing articles ?

Of course it will not do the entire work, but it can help at some point, I see AI for writing as an assistant on steroids!

ChatGPT will supercharge information research, it will produce great articles summaries, and it will connect dots you would not see at the first glance, and all this lightning fast.

Let’s explore some use cases where AI can help in the process of writing :

Propose articles titles

AI can help to brainstorm titles for an article.

We can try to explain what the article is about and ask chat GPT to propose 10 catching titles for this article :

Write 10 catching titles for an article about how to use AI for articles writing

“Unleash the Power of AI for Effortless Article Writing”

“Revolutionize Your Writing Process with AI Technology”

“The Future of Article Writing is Here: How to Use AI”

“Maximize Your Productivity with AI-Powered Article Writing”

“Transform Your Writing Skills with AI Assistance”

“Write Better and Faster with AI Tools for Article Writing”

“How to Harness the Benefits of AI for Your Writing Needs”

“Streamline Your Writing Workflow with AI Solutions”

“The Ultimate Guide to Using AI for Article Writing

“Unlock Your Writing Potential with AI Technology”

Propose article outline

ChatGPT can help to structure an article when starting from a blank page. It can provide a guideline to follow (or not) for your content.

Write an outline for an article about how to supercharge article writing using AI, including a presentation of what is AI, what it does and does not, and how it can be used for content creation

I. Introduction

A. Definition of AI

B. Importance of AI in content creation

C. Purpose of the article

II. What is AI?

A. Brief history of AI

B. Different types of AI

C. How AI works

III. What AI does and does not do

A. Capabilities of AI

B. Limitations of AI

C. Ethical considerations for AI

IV. Using AI for content creation

A. AI-powered writing tools

B. Benefits of using AI for writing

C. How to choose the right AI tool for your need

V. Best practices for using AI in content creation

A. Understanding your audience

B. Ensuring content quality

C. Working with AI to enhance your writing, not replace it

VI. Conclusion

A. Recap of key points

B. Future outlook for AI in content creation

C. Final thoughts and recommendation

VII. References

A. List of sources cited in the article.

Find references

Also, AI can help you to find references related to the subject you want to talk about.

Give me references to write an article about how to use AI in article writing and content creation

Here are some references you can use to write an article about the use of AI in article writing and content creation:

  1. “AI in Content Creation: The Future of Writing?” by Lizzie Davey, Forbes (2021)
  2. “How AI is Revolutionizing the Content Creation Industry” by Ritika Tiwari, Analytics Insight (2021)
  3. “The Rise of AI in Content Marketing” by Ann Smarty, Search Engine Journal (2020)
  4. “Artificial Intelligence and Content Creation: Benefits and Challenges” by John Koetsier, VentureBeat (2019)
  5. “AI-Powered Content Creation: The Next Frontier in Marketing” by Avi Balashnikov, Adweek (2018)
  6. “The Impact of AI on Content Creation and Marketing” by Maksim Petriv, MarTech Advisor (2020)
  7. “How AI is Transforming the Content Creation Landscape” by Arjun Suresh, The Next Web (2019)

You can also look into the websites and blog posts of companies that offer AI-powered content creation tools and services, such as Articoolo, Quill, and, for more in-depth information and examples of how AI is being used in this field.

Summarise article for promotion

Once your article is ready, you can use ChatGPT to help you promote it. AI is really good for summarising content and rephrasing it by adding a specific tone.

Read the article at and write a friendly social media post in 3 phrases to promote it

“Unlock your full potential with Tana! 🔑💡 Discover the best personal knowledge management tool, read the insightful article now! #Tana #PersonalKnowledgeManagement #NoteTaking”

My thoughts

We could see from these examples that ChatGPT can assist in the process of article writing. There are of course many other use cases to find, and from my point of view, it should be used only as an assistant: the writer must stay accountable for the writing and creation process.

AI is a tool, and like other tools, it can not do the job alone, its purpose is to help a person do the best job possible and make the process easier.

As you could note, I didn’t follow ChatGPT recommendations for this article 🙂

What can you do to help me?

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Happy writing!


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